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The Trustees and Staff

The Museum is governed by a team of Trustees, currently 13 in number and drawn from a variety of backgrounds and experiences to best serve the needs of the Museum:

Brigadier (Retd) Jim Tanner OBE BA, Chairman of Trustees. Commissioned into the Staffordshire Regiment in 1976 and its last Colonel, he has had a lifetime’s interest in the history of the Regiment and has been a Trustee for 20 years. Having retired from the Army in 2011 he currently leads business development for a technology company in the Middle East.

Major (Retd) Jim Massey BA (Ex Officio), Museum Director and Assistant Regimental Secretary The Mercian Regiment.

Brigadier Andrew Williams OBE (Ex Officio), Colonel The Mercian Regiment

Mrs Sarah Elsom DL BA AMA, Curatorial Adviser.

Major (Retd) Mike Simpkins MA, Marketing Adviser.

Colonel Adrian Walton MBE TD DL, County Matters and Technical Adviser.

Major (Retd) Chris Klein BA, Financial Adviser.

Mr Andy Clyro TechEng (CEI), Collections Adviser.

Major James Green BA MBA, Military Adviser.

Mr Jeffrey Elson

Miss Susie C Inge-Innes-Lillingston

Mr Paul Hitchin, Chairman, Friends of the Museum.

The management and day-to-day business of the Museum are the responsibility of a small team of personnel:

Museum Director: Major (Retd) Jim Massey. This is a part-time duty within the full-time responsibilities of Assistant Regimental Secretary (Staffords) in the Mercian Regiment – a Ministry of Defence funded civil service post.

Museum Curator: Mrs Danielle Crozier. This is a part-time appointment, funded by the Museum.

Museum Head of Research: Jeff Elson

To assist the management team we have a very large dedicated team of volunteers, without who the museum would simply not function.