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Staffordshire's VC's
The Staffordshire Regiment Museum

No frills but plenty of guts

An apt description of the bravery, tenacity and heroism of the men who have served with the Staffordshire Regiment over the last 300 years. The Staffordshire Regiment Museum tells the story of this famous county Regiment and all of its antecedents.

FOLLOW the story of the Regiment from its raising in Lichfield in 1705 and its early service in the Caribbean through practically every war and campaign fought by Britain up to the present day.

Red Coats

EXPERIENCE something of the horror of the Western Front by touring our full-scale reconstruction of a First World War trench.

MEMORIES of Staffordshire’s soldiers through the ages are recalled, at home as well as far away: the near death sentence of service in the West Indies in the 18th Century, battles against Napoleon in Flanders and Spain, police duties in England and Ireland, Victoria’s Wars across the Globe, all the major battles of the two World Wars, keeping the peace and fighting the wars of the 21st Century. Throughout is the story of the man himself.

DISCOVER the heroic stories of the 14 Victoria Cross winners. See the pocket Bible that stopped a German bullet and the steel helmet that saved an officer’s life. Carry out research into the lives of the soldiers or aspects of the Regiment’s history in extensive archives.

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