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Staffordshire's VC's

Curriculum-Based Visits

Our volunteer guides, dressed as WWI or WWII personnel, will take you on an educational, thoughtful and occasionally entertaining, curriculum based guided tour,  of the museum and its grounds.



Maximum Capacity 60
Children £6.00 (including VAT)
Teachers & Helpers FREE of charge

To take a look at some of the activities we have on offer as part of our curriculum-based visit program, simply click on the images above.

Second World War: War on the Home Front

Children learn about how rationing was vital to the war effort and what items were actually allowed in a weekly shop. They will also learn of the effects of ‘The Blitz’ upon the civilian population and how families were affected by Evacuation.

The 'Smart Street' public shelter will be available for those that need to take cover if the air raid warning siren is sounded. Experience what it felt like to be on the receiving end of a WWII Luftwaffe bombing raid during 'the Blitz'.

Second World War : Soldiers uniform and equipment

Children are invited to dress up in the various uniforms. They explore designs, materials and decorations.

Second World War: Weapons

Children have the exciting opportunity to look at weaponry in a controlled and respective environment. They will learn about the various mechanisms and functions of the weapons under strict supervision.

First World War: Trench Warfare

Your party will be taken on a guided tour of our full size trench system and discover what life was like for soldiers living and fighting in the trenches during the Great War.  Please note, our trench is outside and subject to the prevailing weather conditions.

First World War: Evidence

Become a Sherlock Holmes style detective and discover what happened to a REAL Staffordshire soldier.

First World War: Uniform and Equipment

Compare the uniform of an officer and a private soldier from the Great War. Try the uniforms on and find out about the equipment they used.

First World War: Explore our Museum Gallery!

Explore the collections on display in the museum galleries using our four worksheets.